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Anonymous said: Why is genderbending bad? Or do you just not like it? O.O


it’s pretty bad, friend. here’s why:

  • super cissexist/transbigoted in general.
  • erasure of trans women and trans men via equating breasts & vaginas to women and flat chests & penises to men, ignoring the fact that trans people, both binary and nonbinary, exist and are not defined by their genitalia. 
  • erasure of intersex people, as well.
  • nonbinary erasure (due to the fact that “genderbending” in and of itself is binarist, and treats male and female as if they are the only two genders and that they are the “opposite genders” from one another, despite the fact that gender is a spectrum and therefore there’s really no “opposite” to any gender).
  • generally presents as a toxic ideology that when one’s genitalia changes, so does one’s entire gender identity, completely disregarding the individual’s original identity for the sake of equating genitalia to gender.

things to consider as an alternative to “genderbending”:

  • trans headcanons
  • trans headcanons
  • trans!!! headcanons!!!


This is my friend’s 5-month-old kitten, Remus. He’s been sick for about two months now, and every time he seems to have improved, he backslides and they have to visit the vet again. She’s paying off student loans, working at an animal shelter, and his vet bills have passed what she can afford to pay. She’s asking for donations and posting updates on his health here: Anything you can contribute would help, even just a reblog. Please signal boost!

Thank you so much!

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Athena Cykes, the birb (1/?)

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I wanted to try making something with colored lines and I don’t think I’ll try that ever again 

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everyone come watch robot’s stream 

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Bioware: [makes several major poc characters]
Bioware: [whitewashes them in official art for no fucking reason]


cast of spongebob dubs classic movies

I aM SnORtinh UNConrTOLABly wiTH LAUghTrt

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zevran and sten are literally paler than alistair and wynne i can’t believe this why is no one talking about this what the hell